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 Haine's Room

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Haine Otomiya


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PostSubject: Haine's Room   Tue Jun 22, 2010 1:35 am

Nothing fancy in her room. She has her sword over in the corner, clothes (mostly uniforms) in her closet, a labtop on her desk with a light, a dresser, a nice bed, some paitings of Italy on the walls , and a large mirror.

Haine got dressed in her night gown and jumped in bed. She didn't really feel like sleeping but the sun was coming up. She really hadn't made any friends yet besides the vice president, Takuma Ichijo. It had been kind of a boring night. She was still having a hard time adjusting to the blood tablets though because she had always had human blood to drink. The tablets were nasty to her, but she figured that in time she would become accustomed to them. She was lost in her thoughts when the sun came up above the mountains and hit her straight in the face.

"Aaaahhh! That hurts!!" She rolled off of her bed and fell onto the floor. She rubbed her head and then got up and ran over to the blinds to close them. "Stupid sun," she grumbled. She walked back over to her bed rubbing her eyes. "How humans deal with it I just don't know."
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Haine's Room
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