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 A beautiful day

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PostSubject: A beautiful day   Mon Feb 07, 2011 6:22 am

"Ah, Finally some relaxation time.."She groaned happily, there had been no classes today for either day class or night class. However patrolling the school grounds hadn't been excused. For right now, Aoi would enjoy the warmth of the sun and the song of the birds above. Those golden eyes watched as the clouds shifted from one direction to the other. Possibly due to the changing winds. Perched on the edge of the fountain, she admired the gorgeous view of the bright sun and gentle, blue skies. Biting her lower lip, she'd over heard Zero and Yuki arguing as always. Everyone could tell the two felt more then friendship with one another. She'd shake it off with a giggle, it was impossible to stop them from bickering.

Standing slowly, she'd stretch her hands high above her head and popped her knuckles. Dropping the lazy limbs to her side she'd go on exploring. Seeing a few Day time students gawking at the night class dorms they'd talk about how beautiful each member there was. Though, little did they know the Perfect people behind those doors would drink them dry if given the chance to.

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A beautiful day
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