A Vampire Knight/Guilty Roleplay
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 Sonjah Grey

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PostSubject: Sonjah Grey   Mon Jul 11, 2011 7:51 pm

Name: Sonjah Grey




Apperance: Pale fair skin with high cheek bones full lips and light sea blue eyes. Her raven black hair falls in thick gentle waves down to her knees when it's loose. She's very short at under five feet with a well muscled yet still feminine body. She's lean and graceful.

History: Raised with Hunters all her life all she has done is train and train. Though she isn't against Vampires in anyway; she wants peace between the Races. Infact she longs for it. Even though she's been told time and time again her family was killed by them

Family: Sonjah was raised by members of the Association and has no memory of family.

Personality:She's sweet and very loyal to people she cares about. But, she has a stubborn streak and can be quite tempermental. She is a fierce fighter when she needs to be. She is also very sarcastic and loves to tease.

Powers/ability: She has an uncanny way with all animals.

Weakness: She can be easily felled with the idea of Romance... and fire.

Likes: Books, Her Daggers, Horses, Apples, and Thunder and Lightning Storms
Dislikes: Fire, Guns, Mosquitos, Intense Heat, and Arrogant People

Crushes: None (for the moment)

Personal Possesions: Her daggers are very hard to get off her, but there is one thing that never leaves her person. A Silver Pentagram that was once her mothers.
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Sonjah Grey
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