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 Chara Sheet ~~~ You Should read~~~

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Yuki & Fuyu

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PostSubject: Chara Sheet ~~~ You Should read~~~   Mon Mar 29, 2010 5:58 pm

Hey its your fav member and proud pure blood here to give you the chara sheet ........you may add more to the chara sheet



Age:(Vamps have an age to yah know ^.^)

Race:(pure Vampire or Level E or Noble vampire or vampire hunter or Human)

Apperence:(Pic or good disscription)

History:(3 or more lines.can leave small inbetween stuff out .leave it for rp to figure out)

Family:(Your Family and friends go here.please state if thay died or not or if are misssing or unknown

Personality:(what your chara is like.3 things here)

Powers/ability:(Powers for vampire and Ability for Humans)

Weakness:(What your chara cant do well.and is weak agenst)

Likes/Dislikes:(Five of each)

Crushs:(Who your chara likes)

Personal Possions:(what are there possions thay hold never and are very hard to steal)
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Chara Sheet ~~~ You Should read~~~
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