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 Takara Sakura

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Takara Sakura

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PostSubject: Takara Sakura   Sun Mar 25, 2012 1:37 am

Name: Takara Sakura
Alias/Nickname: Kara
Age: 15
Gender: female
Race and Level: Vampire Level A
Status: Night Class Student

Appearance: With Vibrant Blue eyes and delicate facial features Takara is a true beauty. Her long white hair falls in curls around her shoulders extenuating the delicateness of her fragile beauty. Her percing blue eyes stand out as her most highly regarded feature. Like all Vampires she is physically gorgeous, but she is a delicate flower in her own mind. At 5 foot 1 inch and just 125 lbs, she is a petite but muscular. Her eyes show through to her kind heart, but also exenuate her natural beauty and make her stand out amongst some.

Takara has a small build, and is light upon her feet, while she looks extreamly delicate she is able to take care of herself well. As a Pureblood vampire Takara has an amazing strength despite the way in which she looks, she is agile and flexible and has training in many different forms of fighting, her small build makes her a target for some but she is able to out perform in a lot of case with her size coming in handy to dodge and weave some attacks making her an able fighter.

Personality:Since an early age, Takara has been taught to be the perfect wife, and mother, she has been shown how to run a household and also how to look after children. As a child she was rather shy, not really interactng with many people despite her parents trying to. Due to the way in which Takara was raised she tends to keep to herself and keep busy doing things in which she enjoys such as reading and singing.

While Takara seems the shy almost submissive type, she also has a darker side which came with the loss of her parents, if she becomes close to anyone she is ferocious with protecting them and would put her life on the line. She is generally a kind loving person but her past rarely allows her to get close enough to anyone to be able to get to know them, she is sort of an outcast despite her Pureblood status.

Due to her upbringing she sees the world as a place of only good having only ever seen the evil of her parents death although the memories that she has of that are dwindling slowly, making her become more relaxed and happy, when she is by herself.

Other Information:
Takara has a habit of chewing on the end of her pencil when she is worried about something

IC Background:
Born into the Sakura Clan, Takara was raised as Royalty, her parents believed that she should have the world, as well as be raised in knowing that she was also going to one day marry a pureblood and continue his line. As a baby she was well mannered and happy, which continued well into her child hood. Her Family lived within an estate well away from human civilization and they were one of the first to try to use only the blood tablets. Her parents were Pacifists and believed that the world of humans and Vampires could live together in harmony, this belief was instilled into Takara as well.

When Takara was 6 years of age, her parents left there mansion to go and visit a neighbouring pureblood family, leaving there 6 year old daughter at home with the nobles, it was the middle of the night when her parents returned and woke her, taking her with them down into the underground rooms to protect her. They both left her there and went outside to battle the level E's however neither were aware that this would be there end. That night Takara Lost both her mother and her father, although it wasn't until she reached her early teens that she understood the loss completely.

From the moment she became the last of the head family of the Sakura Clan, Takara through herself into study learning as much about her families history and the history of vampires as possible, she knew the main families of the purebloods and those who were under them. She also spent time learning about Martial arts and trained in many styles. She devoted her young life to learning how to protect others, but in her solitude she had lost many of her friends, and her social skills demisished she still talked to the nobles in which had stayed around to watch over her but her connection with children her own age was minimal. Eventually the nobles decided that the pureblood princess needed to be with children her own age and so they sent her to Cross Academy.

Family and Other Important People:
Takara only has one person who is important to her and that is Ryuu Leon, the noble vampire in which oversore her upbringing after the death of her parents.

Items of Note:
Takara Carries with her a necklace, in which lies a picture of her late parents as a reminder that they still lover her even in death. The necklace is made of white gold and is fashioned into a heart with flowers.

Along with the necklace Takara also has a small notebook with her families crest upon it. She writes her every memory within it, and keeps it almost like a journal, these are her most prized posessions.

Character Goals:
To learn all she can about humans and try to help her parents goal to be able to live in peace with them

Powers, Abilities and Notable Skills:

The best way to explain Takara's powers is to call them Telekenisis, she has the ability to move objects around, but along with that power her scream is amazing, she can shatter glass with a single shreik sending it flying into the air. Her powers are well undercontrol and she concentrates on what is around her so that she doesn't get scared, which allows her to control her scream, however the random night terrors cause damage beyond recall.

As well as having the abilities with her mind she is also an adapt fighter, as she spent the last 10 years training in many styles of martial arts, and is able to combine different styles together to throw an opponant off, this gift makes her a force to be reconed with.
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Takara Sakura
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