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 Merr....mer....mermaid? What?

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PostSubject: Merr....mer....mermaid? What?   Mon Mar 18, 2013 9:31 pm

Hello. I am ViThVK. You should know what VK stands for Wink
Call me Vi. Or Vith. Doesn't matter.

Yep. New person. I love Anime, Manga, Music, Final Fantasy, and Minecraft. [By the way, i was just playing that xD] Anyways, My favorite anime right now has to be SAO. I would not be surprized if someone posts on here screaming its name.[ *cough*Iwoulddothat*cough* Chest.Infection. Rolling Eyes ] I also love Soul Eater[ I support MakaXSoul only because *cough*IlikeKid*cough* See?Chest.Infection. Rolling Eyes ] My other favorite anime is Ouran HSHC. I will be blunt. The Twins are AWESOME. *Cough*Hikaru*cough* Ack. Razz

Final Fantasy. Reacently played X, X-2, 12, and Crystal Bearers.
*hums chocabo song* Very Happy

My favorite bands are 3 Days Grace, Breaking benjamin, and Assemblage 23. Cool

I turn 15 on March 18th. When I joined.
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Merr....mer....mermaid? What?
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