A Vampire Knight/Guilty Roleplay
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  Valentinea ái tình

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PostSubject: Valentinea ái tình    Mon Apr 22, 2013 5:50 pm

Name: Valentinea(Val-len-tina) ái tình (Ai-ti)

Gender: Female

Age:(Vamps have an age to yah know ^.^):250

Race:Eros Vampire/Pure Vampire

Appearance:(Pic or good description):

History: Valentinea (Val-len-tina) lost both of her parents at the age of 5 in a war between Eros vampires and Vampires: Level E & was homeless for 5 years. sad and lonely until she met Senri Shiki. They became the best of friends and Valentinea started to develop feelings for Senri. But at last, Senri had to moved, leaving Valentinea behind. Every once awhile she has illusion of seeing Senri going to cross academy. Now she goes to cross academy to find the truth of her parents death and to see what she seeing wasn't a illusion.

Rosalina ái tình (Deceased)-Mom
Kimiyuki ái tình (Deceased)-Dad
Eros(Cupid), (Uncle): Doesn't know him yet
Personality:(what your chara is like.3 things here): Shy, caring, wise

Powers/ability: Thunder, Fire, Electricity, Sonic scream, acid, Freeze vision

Weakness: Having her heartbroken and envy (evil side)

Likes: Tacos, Laughing, Singing, smiling, Hugs, Sun

Dislikes: Level E vampires, Vampire Hunters, Styx (means hate & her uncle)

Crushes: Senri Shiki, Akatsuki kain

Personal Possions: Sword, Harp guns
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Valentinea ái tình
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