A Vampire Knight/Guilty Roleplay
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 My Chara Yuki

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Yuki & Fuyu

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PostSubject: My Chara Yuki   Tue Mar 30, 2010 6:29 pm

It me agine the Pure blood you all should know




Race:Pure blood Vampire


HistoryWhene yuki was only small his parents were killed by his uncle.His mother told him to run as fast as he could away from the town.Yuki nodded and cryed he stode up and started to run away from town.He made it to another town and lived on the streets for several weeks.Untill he meet a young boy Named Kimeko whos asked him to play.After that first thay thay were friends untill the age of 11 and Yuki bit him.Kimeko thene turned into level E and was killed by kemane.Kemane brought Yuki to the School and he now stays there.

Sister-Shiva(Evil Vampire)

Personality:Easy going .Loner quite and distaned

Powers/ability: Can make ice any wheres and freeze any thing.His emoitions decides on the other elements he uses.He Carries 2 Eagle Swords and a pack of fack blood just in case

Weakness:Serious peaple,Heat,Bordom

Likes/Dislikes:likes spring,rain,snow,art and singing

Crushs:none at the moment in time

Personal Possions:His Diary is hidden in his celling boards.A Neckalce of his mothers thats incrested with every gem.and 5 different rings of his fathers.
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My Chara Yuki
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