A Vampire Knight/Guilty Roleplay
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 Hayley Kuran

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PostSubject: Hayley Kuran    Thu May 30, 2013 3:35 am





Apperence:short brown hair with a red eye and a green eye(smiler to Ridos)
not too short and also not too tall.also wear dark clothes or sometime wear short t-shirt or jeans and also im japanese.

History:i was a one of the little sister to Kaname,but then Rido toke me away from my family and he made me forgot all about my mum,dad and Kaname.But somehow,one day Kaname found me and told me all about.But i still didnt believe him,I always believe that my mum and dad didnt want me and so they give me to Rido.And now i still live with Rido and still there are still many thing i need to know.

Family:my mom(Juri)-dead,My dad(Haruka)-dead,My brother(Kaname)-alive,My little sister/friend(Yuki)-alive,all the night class girls-friends,all the night class boys-friends
Personality:(what your chara is like.3 things here)

Powers/ability:Pureblood powers

Weakness:I cant kill Level Es because it make me feel sad because they dont want to be a Level E

Likes/Dislikes:Likes-anime,animals,blood,ice Dislike-fire,Level Es,boring,reading,hunting.

Personal Possions:The queen of the Kurans(Ridos step-daughter)
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Hayley Kuran
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