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 Victoria Sasaki

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Victoria Sasaki

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PostSubject: Victoria Sasaki   Sun Aug 04, 2013 9:33 am

Name:Victoria Sasaki
Age: 15
Race and Level:a level D vampire. So a human turned vampire.
Status:Is struggling not to become a level E

Appearance:She is about 5'6, skinny, small build. She has Lilac waist length hair that is worn in pigtails. Deep blue eyes. And very pale skin. She is very cute and people easily develop a soft side for her. She has a scar on her neck from the vampire that bit her. Her eyes are large and round. She has delicate features such as her nose and mouth are quite small. She has small soft hands. She has a basic style of pleated short skirts and cute sweaters. She has a strong immune system and doesn't get sick. She has a quiet soft voice. But is also high pitched. She is often mistaken as a child.

Personality: She has a few role models, they are writers as she enjoys writing stories. She has never met them before but owns most of their books. But once she became a vampire she changed and there writers were no longer her role models. But she still enjoy reading and writing fiction. She had a dream to become a famous writer but that was shattered after becoming a vampire as she knows her life will be a struggle from now on. So she won't have time to publish a book. In the next year she want's to have control over herself as a vampire. She would like to become a level C and create relationships with the other night class students. She would also like to be more social and get over her problem with shyness and fear. In twenty years she wants to have many friends, human and vampire. She wants to hopefully publish a book series. She thinks she will be able to fulfill these goals by staying at the academy and getting help from the headmaster and Kaname Kuran, as they told her when she first joined that they were going to help her. She has a huge fear of higher ranked vampires than her and generally people. This phobia developed after she ran away from the Kurans after she was turned into a vampire. She fears that they won't treat her nicely and she won't ever be accepted because of the level she is. The only thing that would help her get over this is becoming a level C. When she is approached or has to talk to higher ranked vampires, she shakes, stutters, her palms get sweaty and she then bursts into tears and hides in a corner. She is often very embarrassed by her fear. She is only comfortable talking to Yuuki, Zero, Kaname and the headmaster about her fear as they are the only ones who understand her. She knows she is one of the least wealthy so she stays out of the way of the more wealthy and doesn't comment at all about the subject. She generally is very anti social so she only talks to the people she trusts. She treats others very nicely and is very kind and listens attentively. But she is extremely quiet. She doesn't trust many people. This is linked to her fear of most people and vampires. The only ones she trusts are the headmaster, Yuuki, Zero and Kaname. She is extremely shy and doesn't go out of her room much. She only leaves her room in the night class dorms for class and to talk to someone she trusts. It's hard for her to leave her room just casually as she is scared she will be approached by someone and will have to talk. She is basically an open book. Just by the way she acts you know how she is and what is going through. She doesn't really find people annoying at all. She only finds herself annoying for not having many friends she can talk to. People react to her a lot due to her fear. When she runs off they often look surprised, concerned, or run after her to see why she is crying. They act this way towards her because she is way to shy then she should be. She has a bad habit of being very unsocial. Her favorite food is sushi rolls, preferably California rolls. Her favorite drink is obviously blood. Her favorite desert is strawberry shortcake. She is very neutral when eating her food. It's not something that she gets excited over, she just eats to survive. But with blood she savors the taste knowing she can't have it often. She isn't picky with food either. She will eat anything. The only thing she can't have are blood tablets. Her body rejects them and she throws up every time she tries having them. She enjoys classical music, especially piano as it calms down her nerves so she doesn't have a nervous break down. She doesn't have a favorite song but one of her favorite artists are Shopin. Her favorite scent is blood. She doesn't have a connection with nature so she doesn't have any animals she likes or hates. The once thing that makes her angry are the senate. They are after her because she killed a pureblood vampire, it makes her angry that they punished her and not the pureblood that bit her. She can become very reckless if angered, but it very rare that she pulls a reckless act. But it can happen. Her phobia embarrasses her to the extreme points. When people make fun of her, which is often. She goes to her room and cries for hours on end. They don't know how hard her life is. If it involves her safety and well being she can be a ruthless killer. She learned that she could kill when she first encountered a level E at a very young age. She killed the pureblood vampire that turned her. The pureblood bit her and she took a dagger out and stabbed him. She finds it's ok to kill if she is being threatened or harmed, also for her own well being and the well being of others. She considers it wrong to kill someone you trust or someone innocent. Someone that did nothing wrong or someone you don't know. If someone killed someone for the wrong reason she would tell Kaname or the headmaster. If the person that was killed was an enemy she would brush it off and pretend it didn't happen. But if it were a friend or an innocent she would tell kaname or the headmaster. If the killer was charmed or blackmailed she would come out of her shell and try help this person and find out why they are doing the killings. If she was attacked she would run to the headmaster and tell him what happened and would let him deal with it. If something was stolen from her She would report it and hopefully find the thief. If she was insulted publicly she would run to her room and cry, then not come out for days. She has no relatives as they were all killed. A task she would never dream of doing is killing another pureblood vampire. When she is nervous, afraid or stressed she will burst into tears right in front of people. Her favorite color is dark blue and purble. She would like to visit the town she was born in. Her favorite form of art is writing and painting. Her most treasured possession is a necklace with a dark blue pendant that her parents gave her before they died. She has very clear nightmares of level E vampires. Her worst nightmare is becoming a level E.

Other Information: She went to public school until she was in twelve years old. After that she was home schooled by the Kurans. Now she is at Cross Academy. Her mentors were the Kurans who taught her everything about vampires. She has extremely good grades and is insanely smart, almost genius. She wishes she knew more about controlling her thirst for blood.

IC Background:

Biography: Victoria Sasaki was born in a small village that populated vampires. Her parents were very good friends with the Kurans. She attended normal public school and never broke the rules. She was always obedient. When she went to preschool she found out that not all vampires were as nice as the Kuran family, A level E broke in and started killing all the children. She ran home to her parents petrified. After that incident she couldn't trust vampires for a long time. She was scared to even see the Kurans. As she went to elementary school and middle school lots of level E break ins happened. She kept switching schools because of this. But everywhere she went break ins happened. When she was only twelve years old a Level E broke into her home and killed her parents. She dialed the number of the Kurans and they came and killed the level E. After that incident the Kurans took her in as an adopted child and was home schooled by them. She later found out why all the Level E vampires were after her, it was because she had a rare type of blood that is insanely addictive to vampires and could be smelt from miles away. One night the Kurans held a dinner party for the purebloods and they told Victoria to stay in her room just for safety measures. On that night though one of the purebloods just couldn't resist the smell of Victoria's blood and went in her bedroom and started drinking it. Shocked, Victoria remembered what the Kurans told her to do in an event like this. She took the emergency dagger from the drawer and stabbed the vampire killing him. She stood there still with the stinging pain in her neck. The vampire slowly dissolved into the night. But she felt different, her eyes glowed red and she had an insane thirst for blood. She then remembered that she was supposed to drink the blood of the vampire who turned her so she wouldn't drop to level E. She forgot to do this because she was so petrified. She sat there and started crying and also struggling not to drink blood. The Kurans found her and knew what had happened. She felt so terrible and awful that she ran away quickly before they could catch her. She didn't know where to go and was going to die soon. But then she stumbled across Cross Academy and was taken into the care of the headmaster. She was then enrolled into the night class. Scared and unhappy.

Family and Other Important People: She was born in a small town populated with friendly vampires and only a handful of humans willing to co exist with vampires. She is a social outcast and has never had many friends. Her whole family was killed when she was twelve years old and that has given her traumatic experiences. The biggest part of her childhood is when she became a vampire. It changed her forever. Childhood wasn't bad for her, she didn't have friends though. She used to wander by herself when she was younger which was very stupid because she had very addictive blood. She will have conflicts with the senate because she killed a pureblood. Her parents were very good friends with the Kurans. She was raised by them until she was twelve. after that she was raised by the Kurans and then for a year raised by the headmaster. At the school she is being monitored by Kaname Kuran at extreme precaution also because he knew her when she was human. Her best and one of her only friends is Kaname. She is also friends with Zero and Yuuki because they both know what she is going through. She has never been in a romantic relationship with anyone and doesn't plan on it.

Items of Note: She carries a notebook that she writes stories in. Nobody has ever seen it except for her. She has a pendant that her parents gave to her before she died.

Character Goals: She wants to get along with the Vampires in the night class. Wants to find a way to not become a Level E

Powers, Abilities and Notable Skills:She has super speed and nobody can catch her if they tried. Can break things by just looking at them. She has a great skill for writing and painting.

RP Sample:

She bolted out of the Kuran house with her super speed. Leaving the place in dust. She held her blood covered neck with her shaky hands and ran with unsteady breathing. 'Why' she thought, 'why did this have to happen'. She kept running her feet moving so fast she couldn't even see them. She ran through a forest and tripped on a fallen tree branch putting her to an unsteady stop. She felt her face hit the damp cold ground and sting the two deep holes on her neck. Her eyes glowed bright red and radiated off trees and bushes. It was night time and she didn't know where she was.

After lying on the ground for a while trying to catch her thoughts she stood up dizzily and looked around not sure which way was back to the Kuran house. She wanted to go home. She knew it was the smart thing to do, and the Kurans would look after her. But a little voice in the back of her head told her to run far far away, and if she went back they would kill her. She listened to that little voice and started running again through the forest getting weaker and weaker. Her thirst for blood getting more and more intense, she fell leaned on tree holding her neck struggling. She had never felt so much pain and desperation before in her life.

She ran with the last bit of energy she had left almost dragging herself along. After a while she finally stumbled across a huge campus. She crashed to the ground in exhaustion, breathing heavily and unsteadily. She soon after that passed out with a weak heartbeat. She woke up on a couch and opened her eyes slightly. Her vision was blurred and she opened them a bit more. Her vision went into focus and she saw the headmaster of the school and Kaname Kuran at her side. "Where am I?" she asked. She tried sitting up but the room started spinning. She layed back down. Kaname told her that she ran away after being turned. She got really scared to see one of the Kurans and she hid behind the couch. The headmaster told her that she will be taken in by him and then she will be enrolled into the night class. Kaname told her that they are going to find a way to stop her from becoming level E. In honor of her parents that were good friends to him and his family. She stood up and agreed then walked to the bathroom with a single tear running down her cheek.
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Victoria Sasaki
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